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NEW:  Call for proposals under the Bilateral Relations Fund



The Program Operator has forecasted a budget of 352.942 euro (including the co-financing) for development of bilateral relations between Romania and the donor states. The use of the fund for bilateral relations, the detailed procedures and the criteria to grant the support will be decided by the Operator Program in cooperation with the Program Partners and approved by the Programme Committee.

The following activities will be supported from the fund:

A) Support for identification of potential partners from the donor states (by way of the events dedicated to the launch of the competition and searching appropriate partners from -10-11 December 2013) and for the applicants in preparation and development of project proposals (reimbursement of costs for preparation of projects  in the amount of 5,000 euro per each accepted project for funding and 2,500 euro for each project not eligible for funding but reaching a certain evaluation threshold set by the Programme Committee);

B) Activities for increasing the capacity, networking and exchange of best practices between Project Promoters and various entities from the donor states.

The allocations between the two types of measures are indicative (264.705 euro for measure A and 88.237 euro for measure B) and the Program Operator, with the approval of the Programme Committee, may reallocate funds between them.


Within the 3rd meeting of EEA Programme Committee held on February 10-11, 2015, it has been agreed that the draft Action plan for the use of bilateral relations fund should be revised, given the large amount of funds still available under this Programme funding line.
Consequently, the Action Plan was prepared by the PO based on the Programme proposal and the suggestions made by the representatives of Donor Programme Partners. Ideas for new measures were put forward by the members and observers of the Programme Committee for this Action Plan which aims to facilitate increased cooperation at different levels (institutional and individuals), shared results, improved knowledge transfer and mutual understanding and generating wider effects in the socio-economic area. 
As such, in accordance with the operational rules of the Programme, as set in Annex II of the Programme Agreement and in line with the Rules of procedure for the Programme Committee, section 7, Remote mode of operation of the Committee, the Programme Committee has approved the Action Plan for bilateral relations in July 2015, in its version of May 25th, 2015, and the reallocation of funds between the two categories of activities, namely the transfer of 240.970 euro from measure A to measure B under the "Funds for bilateral relations" funding line of the Programme". Up to date, the progress achieved and next steps for the development of the bilateral relations between Romania and the Donor States are shown here.  





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