Professor Gérard Mourou, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, visited the ELI-NP Center




Professor Gérard Mourou, initiator and scientific mentor of the ELI Project, member of the ELI-NP Center International Scientific Advisory Board and winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, visited the ELI-NP Center onJuly 14-16, 2020.


Professor   Mourou   showed   great   appreciation   of the progress   in   the   project implementation, emphasizing  its  global  uniqueness,  the  technological  and  scientific  advancement  of  the  infrastructure achieved here at ELI-NP.


Professor  Mourou  considers  that  as  the  various  components  are  commissioned  and  become  available, the ELI-NP teamtogether with collaborators from all over the world must focus on the gradual initiation of  experiments starting with  this  year. The  discussions  focused  on  detailed  presentations of  the  future experimentsperformed in collaboration by the ELI-NP team and the team lead by Prof. Mourou.


In  this  regard, considering the  enormous  potential  of  the  ELI-NP  Center  to  provide  solutions  to  global challenges,  to  climate  change  and  energy  production,  were  discussed in  particular,  the  experiments related  to  the use  of the high  power  laser  system in the  development of  breakthrough  nuclear  energy production technologies, with minimal environmental pollution.


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